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Revolutionizing e-commerce, identitidesign collaborated with Amazon Easy to empower entrepreneurs and enhance customer trust, leveraging strategic creatives, seamless UX design, and an agile workflow. The result: exponential e-commerce growth and the empowerment of countless new customers.

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Amazon Easy - Empowering Entrepreneurs and Driving E-commerce Adoption


Amazon Easy, an India-first initiative, aims to empower entrepreneurs to provide online shopping assistance to new-to-e-commerce audiences. The program addresses the trust and transactional concerns faced by customers in Tier 2, Tier 3, and rural segments, who were hesitant to engage in online shopping due to limited exposure and trust issues.

To bridge this gap, Amazon established offline stores across India where store owners assist customers in browsing, selecting offers, placing orders, managing deliveries, and addressing post-purchase queries, thereby fostering a sense of trust and confidence in e-commerce.

The Challenge:

Identitidesign was appointed as the design retainer agency for Amazon Easy from the program's inception, tasked with developing strategic creatives to address user concerns, drive conversions, and promote the Easy Store's offerings.

Our goal was to craft compelling designs and provide strategic and tactical support for the Easy Store's website and physical stores.

Our Solutions:


Design and Brand Story Promotion

  • We developed strategic creatives that alleviated user concerns, built brand trust, and promoted the concept of e-commerce to new audiences.
  • Our designs showcased the diverse range of offerings available at the Easy Store, creating interest and driving conversions across different categories.
  • Through effective UI/UX designs, we ensured a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers navigating the Easy Store website and easy partner websites
  • We created unique story-telling and brand experiences for partners expanding their services with Amazon Easy and for first-time entrepreneurs building their future with Amazon Easy


Amazon Great Indian Festival &
Monthly Promotions

  • Our Automation division played a vital role in turbocharging the brand creatives during the Amazon Great Indian Festival, which occurs five times a year.
  • We adapted the brand creatives from print posters, leaflets, audio visuals to cater to different languages, partners, and sizes, ensuring effective communication with diverse audiences.
  • With our design expertise, we supported over 45,000 Easy Points spread across 4,500+ pin codes in India, promoting the Easy Store's offerings during this high-visibility event.


Agile, Scalable & Efficient Workflow

  • Harnessing our expertise, we crafted a staggering 6,500+ creatives in just four weeks. From captivating print designs to eye-catching web banners, dynamic ads, and engaging video content, our versatile portfolio spans various mediums, platforms, sizes, and languages.
  • Through automated scripts and a meticulous workflow, we ensured impeccable file naming accuracy and seamless execution across diverse languages, partners, devices, and platforms.


Building internal web tools & apps

  • We powered Amazon Easy marketing efforts with our custom web app, automating creatives with real-time data integration. Featuring drag-and-drop features, sorting functionality and a range of design templates, easily customize content with various color themes and editable live elements.
  • With seamlessly export in different formats and share options our web app enabled effective promotion of diverse categories and critical products, including distribution through WhatsApp and Amazon Easy store app.


Email Campaigns & Communication

  • We created engaging email campaigns to support store video training programs, onboarding campaigns for new store owners, and regular store communications with tips and tricks.
  • Through visually appealing designs and impactful messaging, we fostered effective communication and engagement with the store owners.

Our Results:

Our strategic creatives and design support played a crucial role in driving the adoption of Amazon Easy and boosting e-commerce transactions in Tier 2, Tier 3, and rural segments.

  • By effectively promoting the brand story, addressing user concerns, and ensuring a user-friendly experience, we facilitated the onboarding of lakhs of new customers into the world of e-commerce.
  • Our agile and efficient workflow enabled the creation of thousands of creatives across different platforms and languages, ensuring consistent messaging and high-quality design outputs.
  • Through our collaborative efforts, we contributed to the success of Amazon Easy, empowering entrepreneurs and facilitating the growth of e-commerce across India.

As the trusted design agency for Amazon Easy, we continue to support their journey, driving innovation and creativity to fuel their success in empowering entrepreneurs and transforming the e-commerce landscape in India.

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