Redefining Retail Salon Brands


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Estrella Professional, is a retail salon brand that seamlessly combines global expertise with local affordability. As their creative partner, identitidesign played a pivotal role in their agile launch strategy, delivering comprehensive solutions from branding, advertising, packaging, to logo design and website development.

  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Strategic creatives
  • Tactical promotions
  • UI/UX
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Motion graphics
  • Print creatives
  • Digital creatives

Redefining Retail Salon Brands with
Global Formulations and Local Affordability

Our Partnership & Deliverables


Agile Launch Strategy and Brand Growth:

  • With the aim of establishing a distinctive presence in the market, we strategically focused on combining global formulations and technology with local insights and affordability.
  • By leveraging our expertise, we helped the Estrella Professional team create an impressive range of Skin, Body, and Hair Care products that catered to diverse consumer needs.
  • We provided end-to-end solutions, starting from logo design to branding the different product ranges, encompassing multiple SKUs across skin, body, and hair care.
  • Our team meticulously designed packaging that reflected the brand's essence and resonated with the target audience, resulting in over 50 SKUs being brought to market.


Positioning and Advertising Campaigns:

  • To establish a strong brand presence, we developed a strategic positioning strategy that highlighted Estrella Professional's unique value proposition, emphasizing the combination of global expertise with local insights and affordability.
  • Through captivating advertising campaigns, we effectively communicated the brand's message and showcased the benefits of their Skin, Body, and Hair Care products.
  • Our creative executions aimed to captivate the target audience, showcasing the quality and efficacy of Estrella Professional's offerings, thereby driving brand awareness and sales.
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Branding & Packaging

  • We crafted unique and impactful brand logos for different categories of salon and home care products, including skin, hair, and body care. Our designs for Intenso, Vita Verde, and X-Pro C perfectly captured the essence of each product line, enhancing their brand identity and recognition.
Estrella packaging group shot


Website Design & Development

  • To provide a seamless online experience, we designed and developed a user-friendly website that showcased the complete range of Estrella Professional's products.
  • The website design reflected the brand's identity and made it easy for consumers to explore different product categories, access information, and make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Our team implemented intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and compelling product descriptions to enhance the user experience and foster brand loyalty.
Estrella Website

Our Results:

Estrella Professional's agile launch strategy and subsequent growth were met with resounding success, earning them the prestigious "Entrepreneur of the Year" and "Associate Entrepreneur of the Year" awards during their initial years.

The comprehensive branding, packaging, advertising, and digital solutions provided by identitidesign played a pivotal role in driving Estrella Professional's brand recognition, market penetration, and consumer trust.


The collaboration between Estrella Professional and identitidesign exemplifies the power of strategic branding and creative execution in redefining retail salon brands. By embracing global formulations and technology while ensuring local affordability, Estrella Professional successfully established a strong foothold in a competitive market. Our partnership with Estrella Professional showcased the effectiveness of a holistic approach encompassing branding, packaging, advertising campaigns, website design, and social media presence in driving brand growth and customer engagement.

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